Heavy Duty 2x2 walls

Chain Hooks

Heavy Duty 2x2 walls

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Heavy Duty 2x2 walls

Aluminum Ice Shack Fames & Bases

Customer took from frame to finish...

Aluminum Ice Shacks, Bases & Frames

  • Aluminum Ice shacks build to lockup fully insulated no wood. 

  • Choose length (10’, 12’, 14’, 16’,), placement of door, window or windows and ice holes.  Standard width is 8ft. 

  • Floor is 100% aluminum covered with “Tuff Coat” creating a rubber non-slip surface.  The floor is insulated with spray foam. 

  • Walls and roof are build using insulated “Better Panels”. 

  • Shack is wired with 2 or 3 receptacles, 2 interior & 1 exterior light and an external receptacle for plugging generator in. 

  • Hitch hook up at rear and front of shack.  Hitch is an optional item. 

  • Ice shacks are built as ordered please allow 4 to 6 weeks. 

  • Delivery available please contact for rates.

Monster Base 10' Wide x 28" Long

Hitch hook up

Mini base good to pull truck box shacks...

Please call Tyren @ 306-501-9709 for pricing inquiries