Aluminum Docks in Alberta

From Lake Athabasca to the smallest pond, Alberta is covered in bodies of water. In fact, there are over 600 lakes in Alberta alone. People come from all over to boat, swim, and just look at the magnificent sites the province has to offer.

As a resident of the Alberta area, you might own a pond or a piece of lakefront property. If so, you’ll want a dock to help you boat, fish, and swim. Aluminum docks and wood docks are both available in the area, but aluminum docks generally require less maintenance. Consider the following additional information before choosing a dock type.

Work Less, Spend Less

When you install a dock made of aluminum, you install a dock that will react well to water. While wood is a traditional dock material, wood warps and becomes damaged by water. As a result, wood docks require continual maintenance throughout their lifetime. With aluminum, you won’t have to worry about applying sealant annually or dealing with rot.

You won’t save just time either. Because aluminum docks require less maintenance than wood docks, you may spend less on an aluminum dock in the long run. When you’re not spending money repairing and maintaining your dock, you can save up to buy other things you might want, like a new camera lens, an update for your boat or supplies for summer picnics with your family.

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