Thruflow Decking Aqua-Dek

Aqua-dek panel is a Thru-Flow product designed to save you time and money. It is environmentally friendly and requires zero maintenance. This panel will not warp, rot or split, and there will be no need to stain or treat it. 

2' x 4' Panels $75.00   2' x 3' Panels $58.00

Thruflow Decing Impact Series

Our Impact panels combine our trademark eco-friendly, maintenance-free design with consumer-first pricing. 

Impact panels use an additive-free Polymer construction. This minimalist compound feature allows us to maintain our panels’ signature durability

1' x 3' Panel $24.50

1' x 4' Panel $32.70

1' x 5' Panel $40.85

Thruflow Decking Legacy Series

The original ThruFlow™ panel, Legacy, is a revolutionary take on prefabricated panels for decks, docks and walkways. It is an easy-to-assemble and maintenance-free design.

Legacy panel uses integrated short glass fibers for extra durability against wear-and-tear. ThruFlow panels won’t succumb to rot or insect damage and are UV resistant.

1' x 3' Panel $31.04

1' x 4' Panel $41.59

1' x 5' Panel $51.98

​4' x 4' Panel $174.76

Thruflow Decking Surge Series

The Surge Series includes two models: Surge 50 and Surge 60. These panels are based on the Legacy design, but with extra open space integrated into each panel. Surge 50 allows 50% of light to pass through each panel and Surge 60, permits 60% of light to pass through each panel.

Surge panels can withstand 60% greater load capacity and 40% greater impact than the Legacy and Impact product lines.

Surge 50

1' x 3' Panel $36.18

1' x 4' Panel $48.13

Surge 60

1' x 4' Panel $49.09

Thruflow Decking Sol Series

Sol Series adds a fully integrated solar panel to our signature interlocking panel design. Our Sol panels allow you to take full advantage of valuable space and capture the sun’s natural energy for your boat lift, safety lights, and more.

Each panel is 100% walk-able and constructed with super-durable reinforced Polymer. Only one panel is required to power a motorized boat lift, but the potential applications are endless.


Read more about Thru-Flow decking with this product brochure


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