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Aluminum Dock Accessories - Part 2

Last week we talked about the dock accessories that will protect your investment - decking, wheels, and bumpers. If you missed it, make sure you check it out! This week we will go over the dock accessories that will definitely elevate your experience on the water- dock benches, rails, and dock ladders.

Dock Bench

The dock bench is a great addition to your current dock because it provides valuable seating without compromising dock space. It’s perfect for watching your kids or pet swim or having somewhere to set all the “supplies” for your beach day while you’re waiting to haul into the boat. Not only that, it makes an unbeatable spot to enjoy a sunrise coffee or sunset beer. Our dock benches are custom-made by TR Aluminum Designs out of a durable, strong aluminum frame. They are covered with Aqua-dek decking to provide a no-maintenance finish.

Dock Rails

The biggest advantage of adding rails to your aluminum dock is safety. They allow users to have something to hold onto- it can especially helpful when the wind picks up or there are harsher weather conditions than originally foreseen. Constructed by us at TR Aluminum Designs, you can rest assured that the design will perfectly suit your needs. Featuring a strong aluminum frame, these rails can be easily mounted to your dock and custom alterations can be made.

Dock Ladder

A ladder or stairs is the perfect addition to your dock because it increases accessibility. Older, younger- doesn’t matter! They will have an easy and enjoyable time getting in and out of the water. 2 options we have available are 5-step dock stairs and a 4-step dock ladder. Both the stairs and the ladder fill with water when submerged, and drain when lifted up. The 5-step dock stairs work especially well for pets, but both offer non-slip texture and simple off-season storage with minimal maintenance. Learn more on our dock ladder page!

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If you’re considering investing in an aluminum dock or looking to replace your current one, call Tyren at 306-501-9709 to secure your order. Read more about our aluminum docks for sale here.

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