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Why You Need an Aluminum Dock

Looking to create an outdoor oasis? Want to invest in a proper setup that won't require maintenance or replacement sections? You're at the right place!

As aluminum dock manufacturers, we are always excited to enter dock season and create custom configurations for our customers. Between ramps, ladders, patios, swim platforms, and more, aluminum dock sections by TR Aluminum Designs provide the perfect foundation to support your ideal lake-front setup.

Our aluminum docks are constructed with 100% aluminum framing. Aluminum is the superior metal for numerous reasons, but its lightweight properties, strength and durability, and maintenance free construction are a few of our favourites.

Aluminum is well known for being a lightweight material. A 4' x 10' section of TR Aluminum dock is only 100lbs- it can be easily installed with just a couple of friends! For reference, wood docks run about 1.5x heavier than aluminum docks.

Aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, so you can have it out in the water all summer long, every year, and you won't have to worry about it rusting.

TR Aluminum docks feature Thruflow decking. Neither the frame nor decking will rot, grow mold, or attracts insects/pests that could damage it. Major impact could cause damage to any dock, but aluminum docks will hold up against minor impact from small boats, seadoos, and other watercraft.

At TR Aluminum Designs we manufacture all of our docks locally, meaning when you choose to buy from us you are supporting a Canadian small business.

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