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If you are in the market for a seadoo lift, TR Aluminum Designs has you covered! We are proud to manufacture and deliver vertical aluminum seadoo lifts to customers throughout Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada.

We offer 3 seadoo lift options for sale: a 1200lb weight capacity seadoo lift manufactured by Bertrand as well as a 2500lb weight capacity lift and a seadoo shore ramp manufactured by us at TR Aluminum Designs. 

For further inquiries, call Tyren at 306.501.9709 or Send Us A Message 

1200lb Manual Seadoo Lift BERTRAND                                           


m1200-v 60in.png


  • All-aluminum structure with MIG-pulse welding

  • Stainless steel bolts and cables

  • Acetal pulley system inside tubing

  • Aluminum /plastic centering rails

  • Adjustable 32 inch legs

  • Vertical model


  • Easy assembly with minimum maintenance

  • Lightweight, durable structure

  • Corrosion resistant and maintenance free

  • Requires less water than cantilever models

  • Easier to lift than cantilever models


  • Made for: Seadoo

  • Capacity : 1200 lb

  • Width : 60 in

  • Weight: 140 lb

  • Legs : 32 in

  • Lift : 42 in

2500lb Manual Seadoo Lift TR ALUMINUM DESIGNS                                          

Call for 2022 pricing




Our seadoo lift comes pre-assembled and ready to be installed. This lift is built larger to provide superior stability for all sizes of seadoos, personal watercraft, and small boats.

  • -2500lb Capacity

  • -Fitted with a Dayton Hand Winch

  • -Spur Gear

  • -Brake

  • -Aluminum Bunks with Gatorbak Soft Synthetic

  • -Stainless Bolts and Cable

Seadoo Shore Ramp

Call for 2022 pricing

Seadoo Shore Ramp


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