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Aluminum Dock for Effortless Lake Living

All TR Dock Sections Are Designed To Be

Lightweight, Affordable, and Last a Lifetime

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Standard Dock Section - Aluminum Dock Frame - TR Aluminum Designs

Uniquely designed to be lightweight without sacrificing strength

  • 1/8" thick aluminum structure and a 6.5" truss height, ensuring a durable and robust framework

  • The design includes pulse-MIG welded joints that offer a strong, seamless bond crucial for longevity

  • Outfitted with sturdy 2"x 2" extrusions and a 1.25 Sch 40 round pipe bent outward, this dock is both lightweight and exceptionally strong

  • Engineered with a singular stringer and additional middle truss after every 14 feet, reinforcing the dock’s structure against bowing and ensuring all-over support


Coming Summer 2024!

Standard Dock Section - Aluminum Dock Frame - TR Aluminum Designs

Coming Soon!

Our lightweight design with enhanced stability and durability

  • Constructed with a 1/8" thick aluminum and elevated with a 6.5" truss height, this dock combines enhanced structural integrity with the rust and corrosion resistance of aluminum

  • Reinforced with 3/16" thick, 2.5"x 2.5" extrusions and 1/8" square tubes bent outward, designed to be strong yet lightweight for easy handling

  • Includes a singular stringer and a middle truss beyond 14 feet, ensuring that the dock maintains its form and strength over time

  • Features a heavy-duty wheel system that can be customized for unique settings, enhancing the dock’s adaptability and ease of movement


Premium Dock Section - TR Aluminum Designs.jpg

2x thicker frame for unmatched strength and extreme durability

  • Engineered with a 3/16" thick aluminum and an 8.5" truss height, providing superior strength and a longer-lasting, maintenance-free life due to its corrosion-resistant properties

  • Custom 2.5"x 2.5" extrusions provide a solid foundation that's built to withstand the elements, ensuring that the dock remains lightweight and easy to maneuver

  • Features up to three stringers with additional supports for widths of 4', 5', and 6', maintaining structural integrity and preventing bowing

  • Equipped with both single and dual heavy-duty wheels and custom leg extrusions that support easy positioning and robust stability across different landscapes


Standard Dock Section - TR Aluminum Designs.jpg

Dock Decking and Tops

We're a proud dealer for Thruflow Premium Decking - a Canadian company based out of Ontario. All products are environmentally friendly and require zero maintenance. Panels will not warp, rot or split, and there will be no need to stain or treat them. 

2ft x 3ft - $57.20

2ft x 4ft - $77.10

1ft x 3ft - $36.20

1ft x 4ft - $48.28

1ft x 5ft - $60.34

Seadoo Lift - TR Aluminum Designs.jpg

Looking for a full setup?

Explore Our Lineup of Boat and Seadoo Lifts

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