At TR we know that buying a new dock can be both stressful and costly - we provide standard measurements that are most commonly ordered as an attempt to ease that stress.


3' or 4' x 10', 20', or 24'

We also understand that you may want something different from our standard dock sections. We would love to work out a custom design for you, common designs include patio sections, alternate lengths, and L-sections. Call Tyren at 306-501-9709 to discuss.


We are now open to dealer inquiries, Contact Us for more information


At TR we understand the importance of having a lightweight dock and that is why we manufacture all of our docks using high quality aluminum framing. At just 10lbs per linear foot, TR docks can be easily transported, installed, leveled, and removed.

We manufacture all of our aluminum docks with a third beam down the middle to prevent them from bowing.


We frame our aluminum docks using geometric patterns that provide support everywhere and make our docks strong. 

Traditionally, docks have been made out of wood and steel. At TR Aluminum Designs we manufacture aluminum docks that are sturdy, lightweight, visually appealing, and more valuable than a traditional wood and steel dock. 


To complete each project, we use Aqua-Dek panels. This 2’ x 4’ panel is designed to span 24” on centre framing with moulded in and counter-sunk fastener locations – less structure means less labour and expense for you. The Aqua-Dek panel is made from copolymer polypropylene and can be mounted to wood, aluminum or steel frames. The Aqua-Dek panel is also environmentally and user friendly. It weights 9.4 lbs which is 75% less than a 2” x 6” piece of lumber, or 65% less than 5/4” pressure treated deck board. Its 45% open surface area allows sunlight and water to pass through reducing the impact on the surrounding environment and protecting your structure against rough weather damage. 


3' x 10' - 90lbs

4' x 10' - 100lbs

3' x 20' - 180lbs

4' x 20' - 200lbs

3' x 24' - 215lbs

4' x 24' - 240lbs


"It was super easy and worth every penny. Thanks again."

(Customer comment on a TR Aluminum dock and installation)