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The Boat Lift Helper features heavy-duty air-lift-bags that raise your boat lift up off the lake bottom for simple positioning right from your dock. The air-lift-bags are military-grade and provide superior durability.

You can use the Boat Lift Helper in the spring or summer for installation, throughout the summer to reposition, and in the fall to help with removal.  


Powerful air-lift-bags move your boat lift into a new position or back onto shore without the hassles of the traditional install and removal process. 

Enjoy boating with your friends and family without the added chore of boat lift installation and removal! And they will probably appreciate not being asked to help...



  1. 9ft Air-Lift-Bag System $3,100 + tax

    Includes: 2 bags, stainless steel/brass hardware, adjustable 6" aluminum mounting L-brackets, 37' hose, and complete valve assemblies with built-in pressure relief valves. 

  2. Detachable Float System SOLD OUT

    Includes: 2 military-grade air lift bags, 3 forged steel eye nut hooking points/bag, built-in 2.5PSI pressure relief valve, 10ft of 3/4" wire reinforced kink-resistant hose, lightweight 2-way ball valve assemblies with integrated tank valves, heavy-duty high visibility 2" cambuckle straps with reinforced locking snap hooks. 


  • Multi-use - use to install and remove multiple lifts and docks

  • Quickly inflate/deflate with an electric pump or air compressor

  • Easy to operate 2-way ball valve

  • Quick snap hooks for easy mounting

  • Great for all size/model boat lifts

  • RF welded construction, no glues or sewing

  • Marine-grade stainless/brass hardware

  • Easy to transport and easy winter storage

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