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4 Things to Consider when Buying an Ice Shack

Are you an outdoor enthusiast looking to trying to make the most out of constant season changes in the Prairies? You've come to the right place! Keep reading to find out the 4 most important things to consider when buying an ice shack.

  1. Mobility If you're looking to get out to more than one or two spots, you definitely want to consider the mobility of the ice shack you are looking to purchase. At TR Aluminum Designs we build ice shacks on skis OR ice shacks on drop-down axles. Both have their advantages and are more mobile than the average ice shack. Skis are less expensive and can easily be pulled by an ATV. Drop-down axles are great if you're looking to travel further distances or use the shack for multi-season purposes (hunting, etc).

  2. Size There are some important considerations when it comes to the size of your ice shack. Will you be taking family or friends out with you? Do you need the extra space for more seating, a table, or other add-on's? As you go up in size you also go up in price, so it is definitely something to consider. Another important consideration when it comes to size is the weight. More materials are going to inevitably mean a heavier ice shack. Whatever you decide, make sure you have an adequate vehicle to haul it.

  3. Seating Seating is another important consideration because you want to make sure there is enough room to comfortably seat yourself and all of your guests! You can opt to use your own chair, finish/build seating yourself, or have benches built for you. Using your own chairs, commonly lawn chairs, is the least expensive option but does not maximize the space. Building your own seating allows you to customize and tailor it to your needs, but you would be required to source all of the materials and invest your own time and energy into the project. We offer built-in benches as an add-on for our ice shacks. These are great because they maximize the space, providing loads of adequate seating (even room to take a nap if you wanted!). The best part is that you don't have to do ANY of the work- yes, please!

4. Add-On's Add-on's are the best way to get everything you want out of your ice shack. Add-on's are features that we offer at an additional cost. Prominent add-on's to consider when buying an ice shack are electricity, heat, and windows. Getting the electrical add-on includes 3 interior receptacles, 2 interior lights, and 1 exterior receptacle for the generator plugin. We offer 4 different types of heat sources; wood stove, propane, diesel, or kerosene. Adding a wood stove is one of the more popular options and it includes the stove and chimney, installation, and necessary piping. All of our shacks come with one window built into the price, but if you want a little more natural light you might consider adding additional windows. The window size options are 15" x 32" and 24" x 48".

If you have any questions or need a recommendation for your ice shack purchase, don't hesitate to contact us! We are more than happy to help.

Thanks for reading! Tune in every Wednesday for more TR news and information!

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