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How to Choose The Perfect Boat Lift For You

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We all know that a boat can be a pretty big investment, and the urge to protect it multiplies when you only get to use it 2-4 months out of the year. Having an adequate boat lift to protect your investment is an important decision. We know that there are all kinds of options out there, so we're breaking it down- keep reading to discover exactly what kind of boat lift is perfect for you.

The first, very important, thing to consider is elevation. Just imagine the instant protection that comes from having your boat sit above the water level, as opposed to in it. With the push of a button or crank of a wheel, you can prevent algae growth and corrosion (that would otherwise cost you time, money, and effort to remove or fix). We have manual, hydro-cable, and hydraulic boat lifts for sale. They vary significantly in price, so how do you know which is the best option and the most worth your money?

Manual Boat Lift

Manual boat lifts are often the least expensive, although they do require more effort. If your typical boat day is spent with the family, and you have an entire day's worth of stuff to haul to the vehicle or house, a manual boat lift may not be the most convenient option for you. It will require some strength to lift the boat to a desirable height. Manual boat lifts are great if you're looking for a high-quality boat lift without making a large investment. Featured here is the M4500 boat lift; ideal for boats between 20 and 24 feet. The advantages of this manual boat lift are minimal maintenance, a lightweight and durable structure, and a corosion resistant finish. This means less work for you! Spend you summer worry-free knowing that come the season change, your boat will be in great shape and ready to be winterized.

Hydro-Cable Boat Lift

Hydro-cable boat lifts are made to raise your boat out of the water with minimal effort. The hydro-cable lift features an acetal pulley system inside the tubing that, on-demand, lifts and lowers your boat. Hydro-cable lifts are great for anyone looking to avoid the manual labour involved with cranking the wheel on a manual lift. They are slightly more expensive than a manual lift, but because they are remote-operated, hydro-cable boat lifts require significantly less effort. Featured here is the HC4500 hydro-cable boat lift; ideal for boats between 20 and 24 feet. In addition to being lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and maintenance-free, this hydro-cable lift features a hydraulic unit, cylinders containing environmentally-friendly biodegradable hydraulic oil, a 12V power supply with solar panel and side guides included in the purchase price.

Hydraulic Boat Lift

The primary difference between the hydro-cable boat lift and the hydraulic boat lift is that the hydraulic boat lift has no cables whatsoever. Ever had a cable snap? Yes, us too, and it was not a great experience! The hydraulic boat lift allows you to lift and lower your boat with no physical effort. Hydraulic boat lifts (such as the one pictured) require a minimum of 40 inches of water, plus the draft of the boat. If your water levels tend to be shallow, a hydro-cable lift id probably more suitable. However, if your water levels are typically deep, then a hydraulic boat lift is the perfect solution. Featured here is the HL4500 hydraulic boat lift; ideal for boats between 21 and 24 feet. Much like the hydro-cable lift, the hydraulic lift features a hydraulic unit, cylinders containing environmentally-friendly biodegradable hydraulic oil, a 12V power supply with solar panel and vertical entry guides included in the purchase price.

Now that you have some clarity on the difference between manual, hydro-cable, and hydraulic boat lifts, there's just one thing left to consider... the canopy! While your lift is protecting your boat from the elements below it, a canopy protects it from the elements above. With an aluminum structure, our boat lift canopies for sale feature a, 24" overhang, air vent, and easy installation.

If you're considering investing in a boat lift and canopy for the upcoming season, contact us to secure your order! They are in high demand and won't last long. Read more about the boat lifts for sale here.

Thanks for reading! Check back every Wednesday for the latest TR scoop!

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