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Preparing your Aluminum Dock for Spring

The blue skies and sunshine have us feeling excited for Spring and Summer just around the corner! Maybe cleaning and preparing your dock for the upcoming season has crossed your mind... maybe you're still kicking it down the road. Either way, make sure when it comes time to haul out your dock you're noting the following things!

  1. Assembly First and foremost, if you don't want to be dreading your install every season, make sure you're investing in something easy to assemble. Our aluminum dock sections come pre-assembled and because of their lightweight feature, they are extremely easy to maneuver. If you order multiple sections they assemble easily with hooks and a couple of bolts. Overall, alleviate your stress before you even start by ensuring that your investment is going to be easy to assemble!

  2. Water Level It's no secret that spring is a wet time of year! With the snow and ice melting off of the lakes it's important to keep your eye on the water level. This is really important to ensure that your investment is protected. If the water level is higher than normal, you may need longer legs. Some docks, such as floating ones, will adjust with the water level. The height of our aluminum dock legs can be easily adjusted to match any circumstance!

  3. Cleaning Did you know that it is possible to have your aluminum dock looking shiny and new year after year? All you have to do is conduct the proper cleaning and maintenance. The first step is to use a bucket of water and wipe off any debris, webs, or other things that became stuck to your dock during the off-season. After that, you can proceed to use a cleaning product. Keep in mind that anything you use is going to wash into the water, so using aquatic safe and natural products is really important to not disrupt the ecosystem.

  4. Accessories Dock accessories may come fourth on the list, but they certainly shouldn't be an afterthought! Different dock accessories can protect your investment and/or elevate your experience. Different kinds of bumpers can be used to protect your dock from any impact it may receive. Dock benches and aluminum rails can also be added to provide seating and ensure the safety of anyone using the dock.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to send us a picture of your dock once you have it installed this Summer. If you're considering investing in a new aluminum dock, contact us to secure your order! Read more about the aluminum dock for sale here.

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