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Summer Series Pt 1: Our Summers at the Lake

One thing we look forward to every year: summertime. Nothing beats hot days on the lake, surfing behind the boat, jumping off the dock, or bonfires with the family. Our love for summer is one of the reasons we started TR in the first place- we noticed a gap in the market, specifically when it came to local options, to buy the necessary equipment to make summers the best possible; docks, boat lifts, and various accessories.

Growing up in Lumsden, SK, we had a cabin at Eldora beach as well. It has been in the family, undergone renovations, and truly feels like our home-away-from-home. This is where we have our full set-up: aluminum dock, boat lift, accessories, kayaks, boat and Seadoo... you name it. Pictured here is the set-up we share with some great friends and fellow community members. Featuring TR aluminum boat dock and boat lifts, it's the perfect set-up for hanging out on the beach or jetting out into the lake. We are often tempted to take a nice boat ride to the Blue Bird Cafe in Regina Beach or Mama Bear's Den in Rowan's Ravine.

One thing that comes with all seasonal boating... the installation. We are fortunate enough to be able to store all of the boat docks, lifts, and other accessories in a storage yard at the lake. Each Spring we make an event out of it and get a few people together to do the install. It's a lot of fun and usually followed by a nice barbeque. One thing that will certainly save you time when it comes to installing your aluminum dock is ensuring that you have everything you need beforehand. A few items to add to your Spring installation checklist: pull out the dock, lift, and other items, give them a clean, call a couple of friends to help you out, pack some snacks and safety gear, and make sure all of your licenses are renewed/up to date.

We can't believe it's already May! This year's installation festivities will come quickly, and soon after that, we will be ready to jet out and enjoy our favourite part of the year. Are you excited as well? We'd love to hear! If you're as passionate as us about summertime, send us a photo of your lake set-up. We'd love to feature you in our upcoming Summertime Series!

Contact us for more information!

Are you looking to upgrade your boat lift or aluminum dock? Check out our boat lifts page for current options (we expanded it this year!), and our aluminum docks page for pricing and sizes available.

Thanks for reading! Check back every Wednesday for the latest TR scoop.

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