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What It Is Like To Work With Us

An aluminum dock is an investment. We say it a lot because we believe it. The same goes for boat lifts, seadoo lifts, accessories, ice shacks, and really anything you purchase as a means to ENJOY your life. This week we want to give you a bit of an overview as to what it's like to purchase from us at TR.


We are proud to offer products at affordable prices without compromising their quality. Browsing our offerings you may notice that our prices are extremely competitive. We do this on purpose because we've been in your shoes and we know that buying anything of this nature is an investment. In addition to competitive prices, we provide a direct to manufacture relationship so that you don't have to deal with the inconveniences of going through a 3rd party.


We take pride in our customer service and responsiveness. We are available for inquiries 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Our goal is to ensure you have the best experience possible. When you request a quote through our website, you will be directly connected to our sales manager, Tyren. He is an expert on all of the products and is available to answer any questions you have.


Upon making a purchase, we are proud to provide numerous benefits that are convenient for you. First of all, each of our products is made with installation in mind. It is an absolute priority that our products are easy to install and built with the flexibility to adapt to your unique circumstances. For instance, our aluminum docks come in sections that can be easily connected. We also build all of our aluminum docks with adjustable legs so that you can alter the height depending on your water level. In addition to easy installation, we also offer delivery. If you don't have an adequate trailer or don't have enough time or the ability to drive out to our shop in Craven, we will happily deliver your order right to your doorstep, beach, or desired location.


After you've found our products, inquired and had all of your questions answered, and received your product, you can rest assured that you will be more than satisfied with the function and longevity of your investment. We offer warranty and are proud to say that if you have any issues with your products, we are just a phone call away and more than willing to ensure you are satisfied. Whether that means a replacement, coming out to do a fix, sending you the supplies you need to make an adjustment, etc., you can count on the TR team to have you covered.

What people are saying...

"Received a set of skis from these guys. Exceeded my expectations. Excellent work, can't believe the workmanship. Highly recommend and will be purchasing again." -Randy Saluk

"Amazing products and their service is like no other. I had an issue and they drove to my cabin over 3 hours away to bring me the part. If you are looking for great products and great service check these guys out" -Jason Tanton

We hope this post gave you some insight as to what it's like to work with us at TR Aluminum Designs. If you have any questions we are more than happy to answer them for you! You can contact us for more information.

Are you looking to upgrade your boat lift or aluminum dock? Check out our boat lifts page for current options (we expanded it this year!), and our aluminum docks page for pricing and sizes available.

Thanks for reading! Check back every Wednesday for the latest TR scoop.

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