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Why Should I Buy an Aluminum Dock?

Anyone who grew up spending their summers at the lake like us knows that buying a dock is an investment that you want to take seriously. Keep reading to find out why investing in an aluminum dock will give you the most value.

Why We Build Aluminum Docks

Aluminum is the best choice for your dock because of its longevity- you won't have to worry about replacing it.

Properties that make aluminum a great dock choice include weight, strength, and durability.

Aluminum is well known for being a lightweight material. A 4' x 10' section of TR Aluminum dock is only 100lbs- it can be easily installed with just a couple of friends! For reference, wood docks run about 1.5x heavier than aluminum docks.

With an aluminum frame, you can rest assured that your dock has superior strength and durability compared to alternative materials. Aluminum is three times stronger than wood and provides a lot more versatility. When you buy an aluminum dock you won't have to worry about it decaying, warping, or twisting.

Beneficial Natural Properties

Two natural properties of aluminum that are extremely beneficial for your dock are its heat and corrosion resistance.

We can all imagine those beautiful, summer days... clear skies and the sun beating down. With an aluminum dock, you won't have to worry about burning yourself on the metal.

Want to know one of our largest pet peeves? Rust! (Fun fact, when we first started out our logo featured a no rust slogan... the logo has since been retired but the value remains the same!). Aluminum is naturally corrosion-resistant, so you can have it out in the water all summer long, every year, and you won't have to worry about it rusting.

Will My Aluminum Dock Need Repairs?

If you're taking proper care of your dock it should be pretty low maintenance. Over time, especially in rigorous weather conditions, the aluminum metal can start to look dull. The best way to protect your aluminum dock is to clean it before and after every season.

TR Aluminum docks feature Thruflow decking. Neither the frame nor decking will rot, grow mold, or attracts insects/pests that could damage it. Major impact could cause damage to any dock, but aluminum docks will hold up against minor impact from small boats, seadoos, and other watercraft.

At TR Aluminum Designs we manufacture all of our docks locally, meaning when you choose to buy from us you are supporting a Canadian small business.

We highly recommend choosing an aluminum dock if you're considering stationary dock options. If you're looking for a floating dock, we are now a dealer for Wave Armor! Check out their floating marina products here.

Thanks for reading! Contact us for more information

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