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Aluminum Dock Accessories - Part 1

Decking, wheels, bumpers, benches, rails, and ladders are the dock accessories we have for sale. Buying a dock can be a major investment, and not only will these accessories protect that investment, but they will also elevate your experience on the water. Part 1 of this 2-part dock accessories series features the accessories that will protect your dock and eliminate any dreadful maintenance.

Dock Decking

All of our docks feature Aqua-dek decking from Thruflow. Not only is it cost-effective and maintenance-free, but this decking is also environmentally friendly. Featuring small gaps, water and light can easily pass through to reach the eco-system that lives below your dock. Aqua-dek is known for being 65%-75% lighter than other decking options. It offers 45% light penetration and industry-leading UV protection. Learn more on our dock decking page.

Dock Wheels

Each of our aluminum docks features heavy-duty wheels from Dock Industries. The polyethylene plastic wheel boasts a 24" diameter and a 700lb load capacity per wheel. We use and highly recommend dock wheels because they allow you to roll your boat dock into the water with minimal effort. The center hole supports a 1 7/8" axel. Learn more on our dock wheels page.

Dock Bumpers

Two types of dock bumpers are available to protect your dock: "D"/"P" strips and Torpedo bumpers. The "D"/"P" strips each are also available in heavy-duty and standard options. The "D" profile offers unmatched versatility as it can be mounted anywhere horizontally or vertically. The "P" profile features a lip that requires a horizontal mount on the top edge of the dock. The torpedo pipe bumpers (pictured) add an attractive and resilient component to your dock. Attaching to the legs, they are designed to prevent damage that may be caused by impact. All options offer durable, resilient dock protection that will withstand harsh weather conditions and avoid discolouration. Learn more on our dock protection page.

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