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Behind the Scenes at our NEW SHOP!

This week we moved into a new shop - new to us that is! It’s really important to us to be able to produce high-quality products - no matter the season, weather, or circumstances. This shop will allow us to continue to grow without sacrificing our quality.

Situated in the heart of the Lumsden valley, the shop is approximately 6200 square feet and located on 3 acres of land. Just a short 7-minute drive from our previous location, you can enjoy beautiful valley scenery on the way here.

We've had a busy winter with ice shacks, but we are excited to head into the aluminum dock and boat lift season! We have grown a lot this year, and really want to thank you for all of the support. A couple of additions to our product offering this year are Boat Lift Helper kits and Wave Armor floating docks. We are thankful and very excited for the opportunity to expand that this new shop provides us!

If you happen to come down to check things out, say hi, or pick up an order, we do ask that you wear a mask (shoutout to Grandma Edwina for making us these awesome TR Aluminum Designs masks!). Thank you again for all the support over the last few years! We are so thankful to be growing alongside a community of lake and outdoor enthusiasts.

Meet Ace & Spade! They were helping us move last weekend! Ace is even sporting TR red...

Thanks for reading!

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