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Boat Lift Helper - Now a DEALER!

We are so excited to be a dealer for Boat Lift Helper - an innovative solution for installing and removing your boat lift. Keep reading to find out what we are carrying, the contents, and the features & benefits of the product!

8ft Boat Lift Helper System

Includes: 2 bags, stainless steel/brass hardware, adjustable 6" aluminum mounting L-brackets, 37' hose, and complete valve assemblies with built-in pressure relief valves.

Detachable Float System

Includes: 2 military-grade air lift bags, 3 forged steel eye nut hooking points/bag, built-in 2.5PSI pressure relief valve, 10ft of 3/4" wire reinforced kink-resistant hose, lightweight 2-way ball valve assemblies with integrated tank valves, heavy-duty high visibility 2" cambuckle straps with reinforced locking snap hooks.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-use - use to install and remove multiple lifts and docks

  • Quickly inflate/deflate with an electric pump or air compressor

  • Easy to operate 2-way ball valve

  • Quick snap hooks for easy mounting

  • Great for all size/model boat lifts

  • RF welded construction, no glues or sewing

  • Marine-grade stainless/brass hardware

  • Easy to transport and easy winter storage

Be sure to check out our lift accessories for everything you need to protect your aluminum dock this season! Looking for a new lift? Check out our boat lifts page!

Thanks for reading! Contact us for more information.

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