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Updated: Mar 18, 2021

We've had a busy start to 2021 officially becoming dealers for Boat Lift Helper kits and Wave Armor floating marine systems, and we want to showcase some custom builds that we have completed!

Trailer with Stub Axles

We have noticed a growing demand for trailers with increased mobility and convenience. Pictured here is a custom 10' x 18' frame with stub axles. Stub axles improve travel on rough terrain by offering flexibility that protects the load being carried.

** Stub axle trailers are not road legal and purchasing them is done at your own risk **

Roof Ramp

We have had some pretty intense blizzards this Winter in the Prairies, and with that comes all sorts of problems requiring roof access. This custom roof ramp features an aluminum frame that provides safe access to your roof. Strength, durability, and lightweight characteristics are just a few of the benefits of using aluminum.

Aluminum Trailer Ramps

These lightweight aluminum ramps allow you to quickly load your vehicle, ATV, or sled stress-free. Attached to your trailer with durable hook ends, these ramps are designed longer in length to provide a gradual incline that minimizes the angle required on your load.

Learn more about our custom builds here

Stay up to date with our new builds by checking out the What's New page on our website!

We are proud to be the most accomodating weld shop in the Province. If you have any idea for a custom build and need help with the execution, contact us here! We are more than happy to discuss the possibilities.

Thanks for reading!

We are signing off with a little picture of one of our favourite TR helpers! He' wears the original TR hat better than any of us... that's for sure!

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