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Roll with a TR Aluminum Dock

Are you in the market for a boat dock, but not sure which option is best? You've come to the right place! Whether you're new to the dock world, looking to replace an existing dock, or need an extension, rest assured TR has you covered!

Aluminum docks are corrosion resistant so you won't have to worry about rusting steel or staining/treating wood. Our docks feature a supportive frame, top of the industry decking, and a roll out system.

Supportive Frame

Our aluminum dock frames feature a geometric pattern that provides ultimate stability and strength. At just 10lb's/linear foot, our docks are also very lightweight.

Top of the Line Decking

All of our docks are topped with Thruflow decking. This decking features slits that allow water and debris to pass through. The material is easy to clean and requires no maintenance so you can spend your summer doing what you really want!

Roll out System

TR aluminum docks are easily installed, leveled, and removed thanks to our rolling system. Dock sections come with legs and wheels depending on the length. The wheels we use are heavy duty and built to last.

Be sure to check out our dock accessories for everything you need to protect your aluminum dock this season!

Thanks for reading! Contact us for more information.

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