TR Aluminum Designs now offering custom made boat lift guides! Our guides are made out of strong, lightweight aluminum. NO WOOD! They are used to keep your boat straight as you pull into your lift and to prevent the boat from coming in contact with the interior lift framework. This is very helpful for beginners as well as those located in a windy/high wake area. 


We weld a bracket onto a 4x2 piece of high quality aluminum, and cover the ends with heavy duty caps. The 4x2 piece of aluminum is then covered with the Gatorbak XP bunk covers which acts as the guide for your boat. Our design offers flexibility so you can adjust the bunk up, down, right, or left.

This is a custom project and we work together to make sure you are getting precisely what you need!

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Boat Lift Guides by TR Aluminum Designs
Boat Lift Guides
Boat Lift Guides
Boat Lift Guides