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Boat Lift Accessories

Despite the recent snowfall, we maintain the hopeful feeling that spring is just around the corner! Are you longing to get on the lake as much as we are? Perhaps you're excited to get on the water, but a little less excited to install everything. We've been there... and that's why we are happy to offer boat lift accessories that will take your install experience from dreadful to EASY. Smarte Jack, Boat Lift Helper, Boat Lift Guides, and Gatorbak Bunk Covers are a few of the boat lift accessories we have for sale.

Smarte Jack

Install your boat lift easily this spring with a Smarte Jack. Smarte Jack is a retractable wheel kit that can remain attached to your lift. All you need is a wrench or drill and you can move the wheels higher and lower up to 20 inches. The Smarte Jack features heavy-duty wheels that roll easily on any terrain. Learn more on our Smarte Jacks page!

Boat Lift Helper

The Boat Lift Helper kits feature powerful, military-grade airbags that allow you to easily install, move, and remove your boat lift. We have two options available for sale but both provide multi-use capabilities (use one set for multiple lifts!), quick inflation with an air compressor, and quick snap hooks for easy mounting. Learn more on our Boat Lift Helper page!

Boat Lift Guides

Wondering how to keep your boat straight as you pull into your lift? Our custom boat lift guides will allow you to do just that, every single time. Featuring aluminum construction and bunks covered with Gatorbak, you can expect these guides to be strong and maintenance-free. Learn more on our Boat Lift Guides page!

Gatorbak XP Bunk Covers

Gatorbak bunk covers provide easier loading at the ramp and a smoother ride on trailer bunks. Low maintenance and easy to clean, Gatorbak bunk covers will protect your boat from aquatic invasive species. We use these bunk covers for our custom projects but also sell them individually. Learn more on our Gatorbak page!

If you're considering investing in some boat lift accessories for the upcoming season, contact us to secure your order! They are in high demand and won't last long. Read more about the boat lift accessories we have for sale here.

Are you looking to upgrade your boat lift or aluminum dock? Check out our boat lifts page for current options (we expanded it this year!), and our aluminum docks page for pricing and sizes available.

Thanks for reading! Check back every Wednesday for the latest TR scoop.

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